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I’m Just A Guy Who Loves Writing. — O.D.

A break from the poetry/coherent thoughts I don’t write posts like this often. Usually I’ll share my thoughts through a series or something. But today, I’m just going to say what I feel like saying (which is nothing in particular). I didn’t plan for this post, nor do I really know what I want to […] … Continue reading

Paul in First Class — roughwighting

I’d been in love with this man since I was 12. But he was inaccessible. The years passed and I fell in love with someone my age – several times. Bruce. Jackson.  Married him. He turned out to not be what he seemed. We divorced. Then I married Derek, a man who was more than […] … Continue reading

Despertar la flexibilidad, equilibrio y vitalidad — ~ Feldenkrais Barcelona®~Esther Niego

En estos momentos, en esta pandemia mundial, cuando para muchos de nosotros las actividades de ocio están cerradas, las clases presenciales han sido canceladas y hay muchas cosas que no podemos hacer, es importante que nos concentremos en nuestro interior. A través de las lecciones de Feldenkrais se nos abrirá un nuevo mundo lleno de posibilidades […] … Continue reading

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