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Ах мил мој

Ах мил мој Ах мил мој ти само да знаеш дека воопшто и не ми е грижа  колку x пати да ме блокнеш од твојот живот зошто јас пак ке се снајдам и ке се најдам пак и пак некако … Continue reading

Love, hate and other stories

Love, hate and other stories April 11, 2019ivi bibliophile Love hate and other storiesYeah pretty much the same stuff about love and hate and vice versa a boy a girl a love story waiting to be written. Yeah, yeah we know … Continue reading

How delightful it is By Annaliese Grffin

How delightful it is By Annaliese Grffin August 10, 2019ivi bibliophile How delightful it isBy Annaliese Grffin 27 december 2018;How cool it is to be a parent for a parent like Amy Watson that would be spectacular answer delightfully id saywith … Continue reading

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