Where are you my friend?

Where are you my dear friend?

Where are you my friend

I wished you were here with me

In these hours of sadness

I would loose my head sometimes.

I wish for you to console me to be my support I wish for you to help me because im so lonely accompany me day and night possibly without remark.

Where are you my pal in this coldish night i need some energy for to survive

Could you possibly give m e some happiness, joy so I could save my unbearable soul and if you wish I would return it double.

I need you to be by my side,

I need you to come to me more

I need you to hug me tightly

And never let go

Dont let my arm without any reason

Please comfort my pain and suffering don’t leave me but help me recover my missing piesces.

Listen to me quite intently, because I need someone to listen to me to help me with my pains.

Just be there for me my friend and if you will be with m e by my side I will consider me my best friend from now on.

Let your smile illuminate my day

Let your eyes glow when you look at me becaue that is the key to my happiness.

Like I would reborn again.

So don’t lose this chance I give you and if you don’t except it then I will go

Without turning back

I will go so I can find another place another friend another life to share so I can breathe again.

To search for my meaning deeper about life in places when there is no pain.

And if you accept my proposal for saving me my soul then do it without straining back what are you waiting for search for me once more and ill be there to catch you.

And you were apsolutely right when you doubted my feelings, yes is true that I cant live without you baby, I need you to give me back my breath, to hug me gently, because I miss you so much my honey, I dreamt about you all this timedont let go simple as that!

Yes I am so in love with you I couldn’t even stand you are my everything the reason I breathe I dream about you since always thinkling about you gives me satisfaction to stay awake at night.

I love you my dear friend and I don’t know if this is what you know about me but I cant resist anymore I want you so much because I cant take it anymore this feeling that suffocates me inside that doesn’t let me be in peace.

You are on my mind 24 7 you stole my heart now you want to do the same with my head because if I cannot stay like that I just couldn’t resist you.

I loved you my dear friend and believe me it wasn’t easy loving you in silence from afar but my heart was stretched in million light peaces it wasn’t the perfect moment to come back to you in your arms and that warm hug of yours.

Since the moment I saw you, when your eyes saw mine for a split second the feeling was magical the chemistry was perfectly intriguing.

Just give me some hope some word so I can save my soul that would give me back my calmness

Just give me a kiss, a stunning look and then let it beand see what happens nextlet our destiny reach the highest level of exstasy to fulfill our dreams most occult.

Let the destiny come for us

Let us lead to our peace.

I love you my dear friend, I loved you since forever and today I will reach to you soon enough to our trail and it would be perfect so we could be happy like the groom and the bride before and after the wedding.

It doesn’t scare me to be with you again, I don’t fear I could easily bet in our happiness although it could mean that I could lose you all over again but that doesn’t mean anything now, you make me feel like the brightest star on eareth and beyond and give me strength so I could move on forward.

And yes I want something with you just another chance to fly together against all obstacles against all odds our love will always win! To find you through heaven and earth through the ocean and the stars through the sea just to get there with you to find you finally through all parts of the world if I have to its not important if I fail yet again because yes I want to fail again to yes I want you to be involucrade into your burning passion and stay like that forever. So to open our hearts and feel the chemistry which is insatiable and irresistible my heart yearns for yours I want you to be with me forever eternity. And answer me this:

Where are you my friend, near or far from me that is your decision.

Because what I want the most is this beautiful yet mesmerizing present of allthe best from destiny itself is to be with you by my side never letting go.

The present much lovable to find you there smiling with me that look of yours that yearns to be loved and cherished and protected to escape from reality in some secret Iceland so we can be happy there forever and ever.

Sometimes you thought I was crazy but it is the love much I have for you is that gives me the hope to make things right like they should be from the beginning.

Hope dies last, at least I think it does.

Sincerely Yours Ivana


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