How delightful it is

How sweet it is By Annaliese Griffin


My name is Stefan and im a ballet dancer this is my story of how I found love in the western coast….stay toned… 😉

He was watching her abruptly while keeping his distance. She smiled at him when she saw him.
Hello Stefan how are you?
Hi Mishelle im fine thank you how about you
Im great thanks 
So do you wanna grab a drink or something?
Yeah sure why not
Lets go then.
At the caffe
What are you going to order?
Cappuccino latte
What about you?
Hot chocolate
Nice choice
Lets drinik our coffee in peace
So what do you do for a living
Im an self published writer freelance
My book came out today called the diary of a sweet little annie
Wow you are zing thrilled
And you should be
Im guessing Theodora is your publisher agent?
No shes not I fired her because shes my sister
Oh why
Because she was mettling with my business she bevame too ambitious
Oh well that’s a shame
So do you have a boyfriend
Eew no awkward question of course not im a business woman now I don’t have time for boyfriends
Oh I see busy michelle
Mmm this smells good
Do you wanna eat something
Nah im not hungry
So we had a nice time together do you wanna see each other again?
Of course I would like to now I have to go
I have a next book to write
Oh okay busy michelle thank you for you time.
She left me standing there
She was gorgeous her hips were moving faster than sea bolt
She wore pink glasses with diamond pearl necklace
And a most beautiful dress ive ever seen she is the best wow I am so in love with this chick at least I think that way oh well lets go home and have a shower im tired…

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