How sweet it is by Annaliese Griffin

How delightful it is By Annaliese Grffin

How delightful it is
By Annaliese Grffin

27 december 2018;
How cool it is to be a parent for a parent like Amy Watson that would be spectacular answer delightfully id saywith one word put perfect. She raised two kids on her own, little baby ellen and baby Patrisha. Her husband was out of town and a bad boy who loved to drink and smoked a lot. They broke up after a drunken night fight an d that was it. The break down love love and love some more the twins accepted their father departure id say at last very tranquil but they are only toddlers what could they possibly know anything about it. Lets just say that was for the best.

15 years later it was finally starting to make sense it was good she find a nice job at a restaurant her toddlers werte not so toddlers anymore they grow up fast
They go to school now
I loved the part of theyre growing up it made me a perfect proud mama.oh yeah life was so perfect again cheers for that everyone in the sweet neighbourhood accepted her all was well. Not until some crazy new family bought the house next door little didn she know that that would be her downfall and at the sdame time reawakening. Lets just wait and see about what happens next.

Theres a wonderful place out there waiting to be seen like since forever and that light in the darkest corner is whispering do you not realize that you only live once?

It feels nothing like December it keeps getting colder by the minute its frustrating and wonderful at the same time eh because its December what possibily can happen in December except for holidays


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