How sweet it is by Annaliese Griffin

How sweet it is by Ivi aka Annaliese Griffin

ivi bibliophile

Clare and Lora been best friends since kindergarten
Claire Reynolds has a big crush on aa businessman named jack bornofsky
Lora is in love with him too
Would that break the bond between them or strengthen it you will see soon…
Hey there peeps my name is Claire Reynolds and this is my self proclameid diary
30 4 2010
Woke up with a headache today. My stupid alarm goes allover crazy and I tried to shut it down. Urgh go to sleep Claire! Urgh… no I have to get up
Im a business manager and my best friend Lora is a book keeper you know like a librarian knid of thing with great love of books she is very smart
I perhaps haven’t read since Tolstoy and im not proud of it either.
Were total opposites but hey how they say total opposites are drown to eachother were like twins from another mother.
I brush my teeth with cholgate paste for whitening teeth which I use frequently I mean I have to take care of my health. Then I go to the bathroom and hade a sweet longlasting bubblegum shower from Avon. My room is full of avon, maybelline and oriflamme cosmetics which I also use them properly. I have to look good I put make up foundation from alkaloid it’s the best and put Nina Ricci’s parfume its greatest
And yes im rich my father was a great business man so he left me some fortune before he died. So im a millioner girl and that totally rocks!
Sometimes later Im fully dressed casual wear jeans and a purple blouse put my labello vanilla taste and ready to hit the world stage! Now lets call my bestie Lora to see what shes doing I do that while I put my phone and pick my earphones and the sound of lady gagas paparazzi came out loudly.
Why do you mean hello its Claire dammit youtr best friend didn’t you recognize my voice?
Oh I its you what do you want
Grunts- just kidding hey claire whats up?
Nothing do you want after work to meet me at coffees and friends bar like exactly in 7 o clock afternoon?
Yeah sure I can whats bffs for?
Okay see ya then sweet cheecks- I said that and hung up
Man I love my love apartment everything what ore could a woman ask for? Well maybe same tall dark man would go on a date with her some day hmmm…

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