Love, hate and other stories

Love, hate and other stories

ivi bibliophile

Love hate and other stories
Yeah pretty much the same stuff about love and hate and vice versa a boy a girl a love story waiting to be written. Yeah, yeah we know how bestseller works, or should I say they work like girl on trains, girl with a tattooor simply on fire but they don’t work with me they just don’tand punto! An aspiring writer, waiting to be puplished yet another book about love or hate I should just don’t give a shit what other people say about it and just write the damn book already! But no It doesn’t happen on real life no real life doesn’t work like that it pushes you off a bridge it challenges you a bit hareder every time you fail you will feel wortless piss of shit scared lonely like theres no one else to help you and there is not believe me 
I drink coffee a lot and I don’t care if its healthy or not but I still love it to take a cup of coffee before sunrise and enjoy the writing life. Yes, you guessed wright im a free lance writer, what I do is simply called writing and believe it or not its pretty hard I struggled for months to write a simple world shitty I know but what can I do im a little bit of a loser and a sucker for good mind blowing stories that leave you breathless and guessing late at night.
She was my hero, my mother she was a opera singer
I loved her style she was simple yet gentle with an elegance that j lo or s j parker would envy. That s right people are strange that way should they fear something would happen to them or they fear the people they are jealous of? I don’t know that yet, but for your info im still hoping ill learn sometimes later in the bright future.
Lala can you give me some hope
I need it to build my story
I can do it
I just need more love
Love everywhere
The city the hall school university love love Love!
That’s my mantra my signature to feel in love all the time to fall hard but yet heartwrenching, pain and sorrow that made you cry late at night…

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