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October 11, 2013 Leave a comment

I don’t exactly remember how we met, but it was certainly exciting, that I can tell. That’s because when our eyes clashed I think we felt that instant connection. I believe it is called chemistry. At the beginning, I totally ignored the feeling but as

the time passed by I found it hard to hide that increased sparkle in my eyes,

every time I saw him. It felt like magic. It was so unrealistic. That certain something that invaded all my thoughts, blocked my usual thinking and finally got me both mentally, emotionally and even physically hypnotized. Is it really love, or am I

dreaming a tad too much? Is it called love, when our eyes lock for a certain moment and you feel like you are in a total awe, like you can’t look away from his eyes, because they have you intoxicated? That warm gaze of his that tells you a lot,

and at the same time tells you absolutely nothing and got you amazed and questioning. It’s kind of a puzzling gaze that leaves you breathless and guessing what will happen next. It just triggers your mind all of a sudden and keeps

you busy wandering around; does he knows, does he feels the same warm feeling, or does his heart beats faster at the moment he spots you?

And at last, if he ever confides in his heart to tell the truth, does that means it’s a positive and Reciprocitated feeling? Maybe, just maybe, we’ll find those answers hidden deeply inside of our hearts and then make that sparkle glow like the most beautiful and brightest star. And maybe, just maybe, we could finally use the correct word for all those wonderful things that live inside of us and the ones that surround us, those which make us see the brighter side of life, make anything seem beautiful and shinier, so we can see the joy in everyone and everything.

That significant word that magnetically awakened immediate mutual attraction to the both species, that certain something that makes us go all lovey-dovey, and scream at the top of our lungs that we are feeling elated and happy, enjoying a moment of a truthful blissfulness.

That four lettered word that everyone seems to know a lot about, from philosophers and scientists to artists, writers and poets, and some of us, while trying to be smarty pants and dig beneath the surface and explore the world of mysteries which no one bothers to truly understand the hidden meaning of the word.

There must be something more to it, something greater than the greatest secret of all: the human kind more specifically: the man himself and his species. When we learn the most brilliant, breathtakingly, amazing secret of discovering our true selves, then and only then we could achieve our ancestors’ old knowledge, bravery and wisdom, and with their help we could put the pieces of the puzzle altogether and at last find out the true meaning of one of the most unknown  secrets: the secret of giving and receiving without asking something in return, to truly admire the one you choose, recognizing him as the equal, the soul mate you were always waiting for. And If the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved than the greatest elixir of life that we ever going to learn about or trying to find it, is and forever will be- LOVE!


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