Bookish Kit Pick: For Your Own Good by Samantha Downing @SMARIEDOWNING — Traveling Sisters Book Reviews

Howdy, Friends!! It’s Back to school time, and we have our September book pick For Your Own Good by Samantha Downing with the best teacher ever, Mr. Crutcher. You will wish you had him as a teacher!!!  Norma and my Mom have created three bookish theme kits to match For Your Own Good and have added some fun homemade bookish goodies. […]

Bookish Kit Pick: For Your Own Good by Samantha Downing @SMARIEDOWNING — Traveling Sisters Book Reviews

“Poisonous” by Allison Brennan (Revere #3)

i loved it

Nikki H. Rose

It’s rare when an author is able to write a series in such detail that readers can read each book completely out of order and still feel such a deep connection with each and every character. Each book of this “Maxine Revere” series stands alone, but there is something extraordinary about the story that weaves throughout the entire series as well. In this novel, the third in the series, investigative reporter Max Revere travels to California in order to investigate the supposed murder–but potential accidental death–of teen cyberbully Ivy Lake. What’s intriguing is that she is called in to investigate the case by Ivy’s step-brother, because he is being blamed for something he did not do, and all he wants – more than anything – is to feel as though he belongs in his family again. The case has been cold for 14 months, and the police have no leads…

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Interview with Teen Author A. R. Befus — Sisters Three

Hello everyone! We hope you’re having a great Labor day! So, today we have a another written interview for you that our friend Abbi, was kind enough to do. We’ve had the pleasure of reading some of Abbi’s writing and guys, she is really good! Like we love her stuff! We met Abbi on a fan-site for

Interview with Teen Author A. R. Befus — Sisters Three