I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney

Excuse My Reading

Bleep Bleep! Sassy thriller lover alert! I am so picky when it comes to liking thrillers, I know- but this time it’s a huge me likey from me.


Short take: I love my thrillers when I don’t need to spend any effort to “get into” the story, it just picks me up to a roller coaster ride and this book was SO like that.  It was a bit on the “unrealistic” side at times but it was OK for me as overall it was good fun and in the mystery/thriller genre it’s the perfect book. If you’re a huge thriller lover like me and want a book to cut you out from the world, a couple of hours, then this is it!

21b090aa-b262-4b00-876a-cea118716a84Aimee’s husband goes missing, and things are really off between them. Then bang! Someone empties Aimee’s bank account- she goes to the bank and they say “oh honey…

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