My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing: The unbearable “thrill” of a good marriage

I agree because I love this book so much!

Excuse My Reading

mylovelyMy Lovely Wife is Samantha Downing’s debut novel, and it’s really difficult to believe it’s a debut because it’s damn good! The dysfunctional, nontraditional love story between the couple in this book was such a different and refreshing read.

This book has the BEST ever start I have read in a thriller. Kicking you hard in the start, awaking you(well I was reading this in the bed) the story introduces us the model family, a happily married couple, Millicent and her husband (his real name is never revealed if I didn’t miss it), and their 2 teenager kids. Millicent is a devoted wife, with a controlling authority, and as her husband starts telling us more about her and their life, we kind of sense, jeez, something is going on!


For a while I was literally like this woman in the picture, holding the book tight, trying to get what the…

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