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Reviews From the Stacks Last month discovered Jana and her blog Reviews from the Stacks. Jana created this fun, monthly book meme. Now, it is true that Jana runs a link party for this which takes place on the second Saturday of every month. But I missed that last month, and Jana didn’t mind my […]

TCL’s #SomethingDifferentSunday – Spell the Month in Books #2! — The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog

Sometimes, I wonder. — Alecia Writes

I wonder. A lot. Sometimes about different things, and sometimes, about the exact same things. I go through moods of content and anger. All wondering. The definition of wonder is; “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.” You could absorb that information so many ways. I wonder which […]

Sometimes, I wonder. — Alecia Writes

Book Review – The Spy by Paulo Coelho

Frost At Midnite

The Spy by Paulo Coelho is a novel about Mata Hari, the infamous dancer and courtesan. The novel starts out with her getting ready to face the 18 men who are at the ready to fire at her. Written based on real events, The Spy provides us with an insight into who Mata Hari was and how she ended up facing a firing squad.

The Spy - Paulo Coelho

Coelho needs to be commended for writing this book. There is immense research that went into this book. The timeline and the photographs interspersed throughout it make it a worthy read. Novels that are based on facts sometimes tend to become a bit too fictional. Coelho though has refrained from this habit. And The Spy becomes an interesting read through and through.

Mata Hari writes letters to her daughter and her lawyer about her life, this is what forms the basis of the book. How…

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Рецензија за книгата „Жената на прозорецот“ од А. Џ. Фин — Bookreaders Community

Автор: Бојан Радичевски Се работи за една жена, затвореничка во сопствената куќа… Жена, на која животот ѝ го сервирал најлошото. Живее на нездрав начин – со многу вино, и поради својата состојба – со многу лекови и редовни посети од нејзините психијатар и киропрактичар. Книга во која се опишува регуларниот живот на жената и злосторството […]

Рецензија за книгата „Жената на прозорецот“ од А. Џ. Фин — Bookreaders Community

Catching Up!: Favorite Books of 2021 🌟 

A Book. A Thought.

 🌟 Hi guys! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, safe and surrounded by the best reading! ❤️ Today I come up with another post where we catch up a little with some book lists that are always super entertaining not only to do but also I love to share them with you! 👏🏻 so I hope you’re liking the idea. Today we have a post that would be kind of like the second part after “my least-favorite books of 2021” where we will talk about the opposite of that, of MY FAVORITE BOOKS OF 2021! 😍 

As I had already mentioned in my previous post, I love this kind of post where we close the year with some lists, and I know it’s a little late, but you know, I came back after my break and I still feel it’s fun and worth doing.
In this post, you…

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Crumpled Bookshelf

We are celebrating World Book Week and it is important to give due credit to the people because of whom we have infinite stories to read: The Authors, The Publishers, The Online Platforms and, of course, the printers.

Imagination is the birth child of a journey that can lead us on epic adventures, romantic lives, passionate rides, and emotional turmoil. The authors bring out amazing stories, full of memorable characters, and sweet Happy Endings.

I would like to thank the authors for their ARCs. I feel blessed being one of those few to read the book before it’s out there in the world.

Erin Mc Luckie Moya, you have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I love every book of yours. You bring not only settings but also widely different tropes to your writing. Your Hell Hounds MC series was the first-ever MC series that I ever read.


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An Alpha’s Promise- ARC Review

Crumpled Bookshelf

Book 1 of the Hund Valley series by Kitt Lynn was a page-turner from the beginning. The author conveys a lot from all characters as they deal with the situations as they come. I enjoyed reading about Emmy and Rin’s love story immensely as the book had a lot of my favorite tropes and Kitt Lynn combined them to put out a sweet romance with a spice kick.

Emmy is an Omega who gets herself a mate because her sister abandons the duties thrust upon her. The book thus also had enemies-to-lovers, and an arranged marriage trope, the latter of which is one of my favorites. Along with this, the book also had a chosen mates trope that paved the way for love to blossom.

I loved the growth of the protagonists’ characters and their relationship. Emmy found a mental strength that made her shift from an under-confident submissive to…

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Review: Until The Moon Ends by Kitt Lynn

Crumpled Bookshelf

Until The Moon Ends is the first part of the Blushing Moon trilogy by Kitt Lynn. Set in a fictional supernatural world, it is an exceptional start to a tale that has just begun.

Tzidal is an Omega who has set out to take revenge for her Alpha mate’s death. Her character is the center of all the action. She goes against the perceived status of her sect and establishes herself as a powerful and intelligent protagonist.

She is also curious and increasingly fearless as the book progresses. She befriends Lex, a siren who eats any other intelligent being besides his species, and yet the two form an unlikely friendship where trust is not a one-way street.

Joon is an Alpha who has lost a lot at the hands of evil and thus is quite hesitant with decisions and lacks control and common sense at many points in the story…

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