An Alpha’s Promise- ARC Review

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Book 1 of the Hund Valley series by Kitt Lynn was a page-turner from the beginning. The author conveys a lot from all characters as they deal with the situations as they come. I enjoyed reading about Emmy and Rin’s love story immensely as the book had a lot of my favorite tropes and Kitt Lynn combined them to put out a sweet romance with a spice kick.

Emmy is an Omega who gets herself a mate because her sister abandons the duties thrust upon her. The book thus also had enemies-to-lovers, and an arranged marriage trope, the latter of which is one of my favorites. Along with this, the book also had a chosen mates trope that paved the way for love to blossom.

I loved the growth of the protagonists’ characters and their relationship. Emmy found a mental strength that made her shift from an under-confident submissive to…

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