Book Review: Fated by Kitt Lynn

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Fated by Kitt Lynn is the 2nd book of the Hund Valley series in the author’s Omegaverse. Set a year after the first book, it features Quin and Zev, who have been skirting around each other for almost their whole lives. It was my first MM romance, and I loved it.

The book showed a very different werewolf life than usual. It is neither a World Saviour trope nor an Inter-pack war trope. It is an Omega wanting to find love after losing hope with his crush, only for the crush to respond. Despite being forbidden, people are finding love.

And Zev responded beautifully. He was protective, possessive, and jealous, and I love the passionate moments of the book. It is a unique take on their social standing because Quin is a Royal Omega and Zev is an Alpha Guard.

The events of the story begin with Quin’s coming-of-age ceremony…

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