Review: Until The Moon Ends by Kitt Lynn

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Until The Moon Ends is the first part of the Blushing Moon trilogy by Kitt Lynn. Set in a fictional supernatural world, it is an exceptional start to a tale that has just begun.

Tzidal is an Omega who has set out to take revenge for her Alpha mate’s death. Her character is the center of all the action. She goes against the perceived status of her sect and establishes herself as a powerful and intelligent protagonist.

She is also curious and increasingly fearless as the book progresses. She befriends Lex, a siren who eats any other intelligent being besides his species, and yet the two form an unlikely friendship where trust is not a one-way street.

Joon is an Alpha who has lost a lot at the hands of evil and thus is quite hesitant with decisions and lacks control and common sense at many points in the story…

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