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Mini #BookReviews: One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis | 17 Church Row by James Carol | Dare Me by Megan Abbott


mini reviews

Today I’m sharing some more mini reviews of books that I’ve recently read!


One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis

I started reading this book at the very end of 2019 and finished it a few days ago. The novel follows Vicky who one day makes a terrible error of judgement and something happens which leads to her best friend Amber helping her keep it quiet. What follows is a novel where you’re not sure who to trust. In between the chapters in the present day there are chapters from the past but it’s not clear until later in the novel who this person is. I swung from thinking one thing to another and I was never quite sure what was going on until just before it was fully revealed! I did find that the latter stages of the novel required some suspension of disbelief but I didn’t care because by…

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My Favourite Books of 2021: Part One – The 746

With just a few weeks left of 2021 I’m taking a look at my favourite books of the year.

As with previous yearly round-ups, I’m breaking my end of year list down into three posts: best from the 746, best newly published books (or new to me), and best books by Irish authors.

Which is really just a cheeky way of having a Top 15 Books of the Year, rather than a Top 10!

I had a great reading year, with a successful Reading Ireland Month, a completed 20 Books of Summer a second record-breaking Novellas in November challenge and my Brian Moore at 100 Readalong event, which finishes with the final book next week.

Despite being back at work full-time for over half of the year, my reading was really consistent. I had set a target of 100 books on Goodreads and have, up to today, read 130, which…

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Book Review: ‘The Kind Worth Killing’ by Peter Swanson

I totally loved it

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Bookworm’s Fantasy! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I’m going to be posting my review of Peter Swanson’s spectacular novel, ‘The Kind Worth Killing’. I recently read and reviewed his latest novel ‘Her Every Fear’ and absolutely loved it, so I just had to pick this up! So, here goes…

image1 (48)

‘Hello there.’
I looked at the pale, freckled hand on the back of the empty bar seat next to me in the business class lounge of Heathrow airport, then up into the stranger’s face.
‘Do I know you?’

Delayed in London, Ted Severson meets a woman at the airport bar. Over cocktails they tell each other rather more than they should, and a dark plan is hatched – but are either of them being serious, could they actually go through with it and, if they did, what would be their…

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„Плачот на Срната’’ – Слаѓан Славенски

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Автор: Бојан Радичевски

Дебитантско дело кое обработува доста чувствителна тема, но дава добра насока за како треба да се бориме за живот. Насилството и киднапирањето на жените е работа што дефинитивно треба да се сопре. Станува збор за Аурора, која живее во мало гратче и е несреќна поради нејзиниот татко – алкохоличар. Наскоро нејзиниот живот ќе биде променет од многу причини. Таа, нејзината другарка и останатите се вознемирени за случајот дека по трети пат исчезнува девојче од нивното училиште. По едно мини бегство кое следеше после спротиставување на насилник, Аурора се сретнува со младиот уметник Алексеј кој исто така е еден од ликовите погодени од трагедијата со младите соученички, бидејќи една од тие ученички е неговата најдобра другарка, Моника. Алексеј е мирно дете со многу грижлива мајка, но за жал многу отсутен татко. Нивната прва средба е највпечатливата воопшто, бидејќи Алексеј има нацртано цртеж со очи во различна боја што…

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