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~ … Hello, there people on this planet, and welcome to my little something that is called infamously blog. What I do is infamously known as blogging.

Blogging must be fun, or else it might be difficult.
So, remember that fun is a must, boring is for wiping out the office table dust.

Just remember to write something. Something interesting. Something worth following for. Something out of the ordinary that will change the tides of this mundane downright boring and routine obsessed world of ours. Something that will light the sparkle in our eyes, so we don’t feel the same things anymore. Something that will enlighten us, keep us strong, for the better life in general.

In fact, blogging is merely existing in this crazy world. What we do can change thousands of people around the world, optimize our planet features,
(that’s right, you read me- I said features) our uniqueness, to spread news to the whole galaxy and above, to spark flies in the beautiful yet mesmerizing sky pure with fresh diamonds that lighten it just beautifully. It’s amazing how much we can do thanks to one feature: blogging.

So, keep blogging my friends, because blogging means connecting to the world that surround us, and through connecting to the world we connect the whole planet and above all the magnificent universe itself, home of each and every
one of us (scientifically so called human beings).
Did I mentioned you have to write posts and blog interesting stuff? No, then I am saying it now: write my friends, cause writing is merely baring the existence in this world we all share, so writing makes us unique and talented, with knowledge to succeed, the power to face the world, love to share through posting words, and just living in the present across the past into a new brilliant and breathtakingly amazing future. Again, what are you waiting for, apples from the tree you are standing near, you shall not fear because your new favorite thing is here.

Writing + Blogging = Happy and fulfilled life which equals = happy greenish blue planet Earth, thank you very much! … ~

Love You All,

…xoxo…~-The Writing Addict-~…xoxo…


~ … Writing is merely existing, and to exist means that you will never perish in this world, you’re always and forever loved and cherished by the universe itself … ~

And finally thanks to wordpress.com for this amazing view, for all the hope, love and goodness that I treasure in this world, if blogging is a must for simply existing, than blogging without wordpress.com is like breathing through water without oxygen, without breathing…Thank You very much for this awesome gift you gave me, I will treasure it and cherish it through the ends of time and beyond!

My first post by the way, it feels like I’m touching haven…


Good Morning! It’s the start of another week. It’s Monday! What are you Reading is hosted by Kathryn from Book Date , this is a weekly event to share what we’ve read in the past week and what we hope to read, plus whatever else comes to mind. I’m hoping to squeeze in some of my books […]


3 Mini Reviews | Nocturna, Rise to the Sun, The Love Hypothesis


hi hi hi, friends! it has been a while since i’ve done a 3 mini review post, but this one has been sitting in my drafts for so long – i knew i wanted to quickly add a third review once 2022 came around! i hope you enjoy, and i hope you’re being gentle with yourselves! (and i hope to have another one of these posts up sooner than the last, muhahaha!) happy reading! 💗

Nocturna (A Forgery of Magic #1) by Maya Motayne

💛 A review to check out: Johely’s!

“Magic could not speak, yet interacting with it felt like a conversation, a dance, a story shared with a friend with the ending left up to interpretation.”

This was our September 2020 pick for the Dragons & Tea Book Club, and I loved it so much. This is a story about identity, classism, privilege, freedom, honoring…

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TCL’s #SomethingDifferentSunday – Spell the Month in Books #2! — The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog

Reviews From the Stacks Last month discovered Jana and her blog Reviews from the Stacks. Jana created this fun, monthly book meme. Now, it is true that Jana runs a link party for this which takes place on the second Saturday of every month. But I missed that last month, and Jana didn’t mind my […]

TCL’s #SomethingDifferentSunday – Spell the Month in Books #2! — The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog

Sometimes, I wonder. — Alecia Writes

I wonder. A lot. Sometimes about different things, and sometimes, about the exact same things. I go through moods of content and anger. All wondering. The definition of wonder is; “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.” You could absorb that information so many ways. I wonder which […]

Sometimes, I wonder. — Alecia Writes

Book Review – The Spy by Paulo Coelho

Frost At Midnite

The Spy by Paulo Coelho is a novel about Mata Hari, the infamous dancer and courtesan. The novel starts out with her getting ready to face the 18 men who are at the ready to fire at her. Written based on real events, The Spy provides us with an insight into who Mata Hari was and how she ended up facing a firing squad.

The Spy - Paulo Coelho

Coelho needs to be commended for writing this book. There is immense research that went into this book. The timeline and the photographs interspersed throughout it make it a worthy read. Novels that are based on facts sometimes tend to become a bit too fictional. Coelho though has refrained from this habit. And The Spy becomes an interesting read through and through.

Mata Hari writes letters to her daughter and her lawyer about her life, this is what forms the basis of the book. How…

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Рецензија за книгата „Жената на прозорецот“ од А. Џ. Фин — Bookreaders Community

Автор: Бојан Радичевски Се работи за една жена, затвореничка во сопствената куќа… Жена, на која животот ѝ го сервирал најлошото. Живее на нездрав начин – со многу вино, и поради својата состојба – со многу лекови и редовни посети од нејзините психијатар и киропрактичар. Книга во која се опишува регуларниот живот на жената и злосторството […]

Рецензија за книгата „Жената на прозорецот“ од А. Џ. Фин — Bookreaders Community